Win The Lottery Subliminal-Additional New Strategy


Win the Lottery Subliminal MP3

Win the Lottery MP3

 Win the Lottery MP3

This lottery strategy is totally different concept. It has nothing to do beating the lottery or 4d or the pick 4 companies. Its beating another biggest obstacle to winning which is YOURSELF ! . Yes…you !  Because over the time, we begin to feel like a loser all the time and getting low in spirit and hunger to win the big prize. We bet or buy numbers hoping to win but 80% of our mind already accept the fact that we will loose when we bet today. Call it a loosing mentality. When we got to that stage, we will keep on loosing as we already accummulate the negative energy which attracts losing habit and bad luck unconsciously. We need to counter that. That where this “Win the Lottery” mp3 comes into the picture.

So, you could have been surprised what a MP3 has to do with winning a lottery and what is this thing doing in a Lottery Strategy System. Well, there is a reason behind it. To win a lottery, you need all sort of help. I believe this is one of it. You see, in order to win you must have a will. You must have will to keep on playing even when you are not winning anything from the lottery or pick 4 or any gambling for that matter. Do you know what is law of attraction ? Have you ever noticed that you were talking or thinking of someone and that persons pops up next to you. Or you were thinking that it has been so long that something never happened and the next day the real thing happen ? Most of the time, the bad things happen easily and the good thing is not. Winning a lottery is good thing and it will not happen that easily. When you have been on a winless streak for so long, our mind have resigned to the fact that we only can try and play the lottery but not win it. Everyone of us will fall into this situation sooner or later. To change the subconscious thought that has been building up in our mind, we need this MP3. The theory behind this is called Subliminal Message. It is where a mp3 soundtrack with natural sounds such as water or wind is played you listen to it for 15 to 20 mins per day. While you listen to the music, hidden in the natural sound music are the  messages that tells your brain that :

  • I am going to win the lottery
  • I have won the lottery
  • I am grateful for my lottery winnings and life of abundance
  • Picking lottery numbers comes naturally to me
  • I am intuitive and instinctively pick strong lottery numbers
  • I am connected to the universal consciousness
  • I am aligned with the universe so lottery numbers come naturally
  • I am focused on winning the lottery
  • My mind is focused and clear for picking winning lottery numbers
  • I am always lucky and I regularly win money on the lottery

So how does the above sound ? I just discovered this thing and decided to get it and listening to it once a day. One more weapon in the arsenal to tackle the lottery syndicates. It so hard to get better over them nowadays. This is one way to charge you up and stay motivated. Its like programming your brain that you are a winner and make you believe that you can win and predict the numbers correctly. But then, please, I say please 1000 times. Don’t expect to buy and listen it today and hope to win it next week. Its a long term positive energy build up strategy to ward off negative thoughts, loser attitude or mentality so that our subconscious mind is always on the winning mentality and attract good luck not the bad lucks. Remember, we need luck to win and this is one way to invite luck rather than chasing it out with our minds bad thoughts. Now I say good luck to you 1000 times and let us attract good luck and vibes, the winning mentality to win the big prize frequently as we all always wish. Click Here to get it !