USA Pick 4 Strategy

Good News for USA Pick 4 and Play 4 players. I have finally prepared 5 strategies that can be used to play USA Pick 4 or Play 4 games. I have put it all in a Excel File. The contents of the strategy are as below:

1.  PICK 4 STRATEGY 1 : 3D BASE NUMBER METHOD   – Find out how you can determine the base no just as I do in my Base No predictions posting. 

2. PICK 4 STRATEGY 2 : SKIP 10 3D METHOD    – Find out the way to select the best 3D and identify the fourth number to play.

3. PICK 4 Wheeling System     – Use a systematic way to find out the right numbers to plug into a 5 number or 6 number pick 4 wheel.

4. TREND CHART Hot Zone Number Method    – Learn how to construct a trend chart and pick the  5 best combinations to play for a draw. Ideal for budget players.

5. Double Number Chaser Method – Learn to identify a double digit number  trend and construct numbers to play for every draw.


Get all these strategies for just USD 11.00 only. Please email me to order :  pick4victory at . Once I receive your email, I will reply back via a PAYPAL payment request email where you can pay the USD11.00. Once payment is made, I will email you the excel file that contains the strategy.

The USA pick 4 strategy has been put on hold as I am working on improvements. Thanks.


 Otherwise, please use the the Base No method given below for selected USA pick 4 games.

There are various way or methods available today that can be used as a strategy to win in the Pick 4 lottery. But one thing is for sure that you will never find a system that is a consistent winner. Because the way the lottery operators uses various ways to get an advantage over the players, it will always be hard to have method that can win consistently. Nevertheless, some win by using some kind of system is always better than playing without any system or strategy and being a loser all the time.

So, lets come to the strategy that we are going to use for the 5 Pick 4 games that I have chosen to play for USA Pick 4 games. The states that I have chosen to try my new formula are Pennsylvania Pick 4, New Jersey Pick 4, OHIO Pick 4, New York Pick 4 and Florida Pick 4 .

Every week, I will post the base numbers for each state’s lottery  in the following format.

Example : Pennsylvania Pick 4 Predictions for  16-Aug-09 to 22-Aug-09.

Base No : 1234

3D :  123X,  234X, 124X , 134X

Values of X can be : 1,3,5,7,9 or 2,4,6,8,0 .

Or, you should use the winning number of previous draw and substitute in place of X.

In case previous draw winner is 5628, then the value of X is 5, 6, 2 and 8.

So the number that you should play will be :

1235, 2345, 1245, 1345  —  1236, 2346, 1246,1346 — 1232, 2342, 1242, 1342 — 1238, 2348,1248,1348 . So, all together you have 16 numbers to play. The numbers still have to be boxed in order to have chance of winning. I will share with you all the methods that we can use to arrange for a direct number once I am done with uploading all the contents to have this site up and running first. For now, please observe if this method really works or not.

Ok then, so please refer to the Categories section for my predictions for each of the state every week. Good luck and wish you folks all the best.