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USA Pick 4 Strategy : 5 new methods to forecast your numbers.

Good News for USA Pick 4 and Play 4 players. I have finally prepared 5 strategies that can be used to play USA Pick 4 or Play 4 games. I have put it all in a Excel File. The contents of the strategy are as below:

1.  PICK 4 STRATEGY 1 : 3D BASE NUMBER METHOD   – Find out how you can determine the base no just as I do in my Base No predictions posting. 

2. PICK 4 STRATEGY 2 : KEY 3D METHOD    – Find out the way to select the best 3D and identify the fourth number to play.

3. PICK 4 Wheeling System     – Use a systematic way to find out the right numbers to plug into a 5 number or 6 number pick 4 wheel.

4. TREND CHART Hot Zone Number Method    – Learn how to construct a trend chart and pick the  5 best combinations to play for a draw. Ideal for budget players.

5. Double Number Chaser Method – Learn to identify a double digit number  trend and construct numbers to play for every draw.


Get all these strategies for just USD 11.00 only. Please email me to order :  pick4victory at . Once I receive your email, I will reply back via a PAYPAL payment request email where you can pay the USD11.00. Once payment is made, I will email you the excel file that contains the strategy.

The strategies are no longer being sold for the moment as I am seeking for improvements. Thanks.


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