New Prediction Service First Come First Serve Pay when you Hit

I have been on research mode for the past 1 year and back to predictions again. 4D prediction is tougher than ever and is not easy to win top prizes let alone lower prizes.  Yet, I recently found a solution that may not be suitable for every body. I used to hunt 4d numbers every draw and may give up the numbers next draw as my filters does not select that number anymore only to see it hits few draws or a week later. My research further indicates that MKT randoms up their selection method and that is why no one method will work every time. So the solution is to stick to one method and wait for it to come into our trap.

As such, any interested person can email me at of their Date of birth. I need ONLY DATE, months and year NOT needed. Based on this date, I will give you ONLY one box number and its group of carefully selected DIRECT numbers that you have to chase for the whole month or until its hits top prize as the selection is as such that the numbers is due to hit top prize. This is first come first serve and I only provide to those that I can as I don’t check emails that regularly anymore. There is no FEE involved and if you hit any top prize, you may then pay me an THANK YOU ANGPOW as you wish. Thanks and Good Luck.