Malaysia 4D Strategy|System

The Malaysia 4D System and Strategy is also based on the BnX formula. Using a mathematical and statistical approach, I would be able to  determine what base numbers will be used by the 4D games operator in Malaysia namely Magnum, Damacai and Toto for a particular week’s draw.

How many times that you have noticed that a number which was drawn in Magnum opens 2 draws later in Toto or Damacai ? Sometimes, the numbers that interchange between the operators could be in top prize too.

For example, the most latest trend  of this happens on the Saturday Draw of 15 August 2009. The number 4380 opens at first prize in Magnum while 0348 opened at first prize in Toto. The following draw on Sunday 16th of August, 3408 opened at second prize in Damacai ! All within 2 draws ! Do you call it a coincidence ?  A number that opens in a starter prize in Magnum will suddenly pop at top prize in Toto or Damacai one draw or 2 draws later ! I would say that is not coincidence but the strategy of each company to ensure lowest payout possible but they have very limited number to choose from. In the current economic situation, the 4D betting operators have become more stingy. What numbers that have potential to come at top prize ? It is the numbers that the 4D operators have to fork out the least amount of money in terms of payout. For a particular week, for one reason or another, since most of the people will also bet in all three counters, the numbers that the 4D operators that have at their disposition to be opened for a particular draw is limited as people are buying same numbers at all the counters. Remember, the numbers that are coming for that particular week are numbers that requires least amount of pay out. That is why you can see the winning numbers move around the three counters within a short period of time.

So, my BnX formula will be able to identify what base numbers that will be played for that particular week. Normaly, the base number will be a  4D number which is common to all three counters that is Magnum, Kuda and Damacai.

For example , if  I say the base number is 0127 . It will be broken into a group of individual 3D’s that make up 0127.

So the base number will be :





Once the base number is finalized for a week, it need to be played for all the draws in all three counters for the whole duration of a particular week including special draws if any.

Unlike USA pick 4, you will not figure out what value to put for the X factor. I have done all the hardwork and analyis for you. Every week, I am able to come up with a list of 5 to 12 numbers to be played in all three 4D games offered by Magnum, Damacai and Toto.

The outcome of this formula is impressive. I have given a free trial of this formula for people in Malaysia and the feedback and result is fantastic. You can refer to the exact format of tips that I will be sending to you if you subscribe to my weekly prediction at Magnum-Toto-Kuda-August-2009-Winning-Predictions  which was the free trial that  i offered to some  Malaysian customers. Every week, there is a winner from this prediction ranging from 5 to 15 hits in lower prizes and top prizes. So far, it also able to produce 1 top prize almost every week.

So if you are interested to subscribe to my prediction, then please email me at

email me

email me

The product price are as below:

  • Prediction for a single week  (5-10 numbers that need to be played for that single week in MAGNUM-KUDA-TOTO )  – USD3.00
  • Prediction for the entire month ( 5-10 numbers that need to be played for MAGNUM-KUDA-TOTO broken down week by week for the entire month) : USD10.00

All payments are need to be made by using PAYPAL.  Please email me if you are interested. I will send you an email from Paypal to request for payment and once it has been approved, I will email your prediction for the week or month as you requested.

I know some of you may feel this is trouble some and may prefer MAYBANK online transfer etc instead, but I am not in a hurry or desperate to make sales from this as the prediction always earns some money for me. I do not want to distribute this valuable tips freely because there is so much hardwork that goes into the preparation of this numbers so i think it is only fair that you pay some amount of money to get the winning numbers.

Meanwhile, you can refer to the monthly prediction for all three counters that i post in the Categories section. It is for the entire month. There are so many numbers but mostly are winning numbers. Each number from there will be arranged into a weekly order so that you know what number need to be played for that particular week saving you some money if you subscribe for my Prediction for the entire month week by week prediction.

Thank you and Good Luck.