Hello everyone. My name is Alan and thank you for joining me in this session. For the first time ever, I am going to show you live on how I make my predictions for the PREMIUM  prediction service that I am going to introduce to you. FYI, this prediction method is not the same as the predictions that I have been posting for free on a weekly basis. This PREMIUM prediction is based on a combination of 5 different formulas to recognize the number of highest probability to win in the next draw which I call the COMBINATORIAL FORMULA. Lets review the example on how the predictions are made using this formula in the video below:

The first task is to trap  the 4 winning numbers in BOX format. Next is to get the DIRECT number arrangement.  As you could have seen, in each draw, there is a large pool of potential numbers that are at the BETTING counters disposal. My job is to filter and provide you the number which are very strong  . The direct numbers by its own way has  potential for hit about 5-10 times per month at top prize. If we are able to get the BOX prediction correct when the DIRECT number arrangement was also correct, then we will have direct top prize winner. The strategy is applicable for Magnum,Damacai,Toto and Singapore Pools.

The cost for this prediction service is RM80 per  12 draws. However, if the number that I give as recommended FINAL number did not HIT the top prize in BOX format for within the 12 draws, I will not ask for a renewal fees until there is a hit in my FINAL filter number in BOX format. I hope that this sounds like a fair deal to you.

So hurry up and join this PREMIUM PREDICTION service. Places are limited only to 20 people on a first come first serve basis. Payments can be made via Paypal . Please email me at pick4victory@yahoo.com to request for payment link. See Recent Hit History HERE .