Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System Review : Actual User Review with Performance Data

This is an honest review of the one of the most famous lottery system available on the internet today that is acclaimed to be one of the best methods on how to beat the lottery using a solid lottery strategy as a foundation. Some people just love the system and some people just bash the system left and right. Many people just wondered how good is the system.When you read the sales page of Ken Silver’s website, it seems like so real and everyone seems to acclaim that this is one of the best lottery system in the world. The Silver Lotto System is also known as the Honest Lottery System. The system was being sold since 1991 by Ken Silver and he took it to the online world since 1996. However, some people have been calling the lottery system as a scam.

Since it has been one of the longest selling lottery systems in the world with so many positive and negative reviews, I am sure that you are looking for some solid information to make a decision on this product as if you have searched long enough over the internet, many positive reviews of the product may be too hard to resist. I know that everyone of us is constantly looking for some kind of lottery systems that truly work as it is claimed by the product’s creator. The only way to prove the effectiveness of the lottery system is by doing a back test versus the previous lottery results or history. I have done the dirty work for you by keying in the profiles as instructed by Ken Silver into the LOTWIN Lottery Software which I use to do analysis of lottery numbers. Even though it was tedious for me, I hope that it will help you to make a clear informed decision on what to expect when you purchase the system. Before revealing you the results, let us take a brief look on what you will be getting when purchasing the lottery system e-book from Ken Silver.  

The Silver Lotto System does not require any computers, any kind of analysis what so ever. You do not need to worry about hot/cold, even/odd numbers etc. It is completely a pen and paper system that you only need to setup once and use it forever if you wish to or you can keep on changing the numbers as frequently as you want. It is all up to you. It can be used for almost all type of lottery games in the world. In my example below, I will base my explanations on a Pick 6 lotto game.  

In the Silver Lotto System, Ken will explain to you on how to create three profiles based on 4 key factors that will help to spread the numbers like a net to capture the winning combinations. Each profile will have 40 numbers. The profiles are called Profile 1, Profile 2 and Profile 3.  

For each profiles, Ken will advise you from what range to what range a number must be selected  for each numbers position(Number Position 1 to 6) including many characteristics that your selected number must full fill. So you will on your own, based on the instructions given by Ken, will make the selection of numbers  for Profile 1 and its corresponding numbers in position 1 to 6. Once completed, you will proceed to create the Profile 2 and Profile 3 which will have different instructions on how to pick the numbers from position 1 to 6 respectively. These three lines of numbers in each profile will form the base of your lottery strategy. Ken will then advise you on how to expand the numbers to 40 numbers in each profile. Profile 1 and Profile 2 are targeted to capture the regular lottery patterns while the Profile 3 is targeted to capture the skewed trend of the lottery outcomes. For optimum results, it is recommended that 40 lines are played from each one of the profiles but it does not stop anyone from just playing the numbers according to any number of lines according to their budget.  You need to select one line of lottery number from each one of the profiles namely Profile 1 , Profile 2 and Profile 3. In this way, the numbers that you will eventually play are well balanced .  

Alright, with the basics of the system well explained, let us look how the system has been performing in the real lottery world. For ease of explanation, I have back tested past 1 year performance of the system for 2 lottery games namely the Mega Toto 6/52 Malaysia lotto game and New Jersey Pick Lotto 6/49 lotto game. Assuming that you bought the system on the 1st of January 2010 and have been using it ever since for Mega Toto 6/52 Malaysia and New Jersey Pick Lotto 6/49, let us take a look on how the system could have worked for you. You can generalize that more or less, this is how the system could have worked for any other lotto games as well . 

Mega Toto 6/52 Malaysia Back Test Results of Silver Lotto System.  

SET1:  40 Lines with numbers evenly selected from Profile 1 to 3 performance are reflected in Figure 1.

Figure1 : Silver Lotto System’s 40 Playing Lines Performance from Jan 2010 to March 2011 for 6/52 Mega Toto Malaysia

 As you can see from Figure 1, the total possible combinations that can be drawn as a winner in a 6/52 lottery are 20,358,520. Using the Ken Silver’s Lottery System, we are only playing 40 lines against a whopping 20,358,520 possible combinations !!!! 

However, Ken Silver’s system has taken into account the most frequently drawn combinations to eliminate wasteful combinations. The numbers constructed from the Ken Silvers Lottery system in this particular profile have won 8 four number matches and 114 three number matches for the duration Jan 2nd 2010 until 23rd of March 2011. These 40 lines had won 122 times in total either in 3 number matches or 4 number matches. There are almost 7-9 three number matches won every month. Now you may ask what the big deal here is as it only won 3 or 4 numbers matches for the entire year. To answer that question, you have to look at the characteristics of the winning Jackpot number every draw. Look at the examples below: 

Figure 2: Past History of the Jackpot Winning number on 23rd March 2011

Figure 2: Past History of the Jackpot Winning number on 23rd March 2011


Figure 3: Past History of the Jackpot Winning number on 20th March 2011

Figure 3: Past History of the Jackpot Winning number on 20th March 2011


I can continue to show example after example of the winning numbers that will have the same characteristics as shown above. So you see that a winning number for Jackpot will always will be a number that won either 3 number matches or 4 number matches from the previous draw history since the game started. The 40 playing lines generated by the Silver Lotto system has these characteristics where it has considered the makeup of a winning number and just waiting to hit the jackpot. Now let us move on to how the Silver Lotto System could have performed for a 6/49 lotto game.

New Jersey Pick Lotto 6/49: Back Test Results of Silver Lotto System.

SET1: 40 Lines with numbers evenly selected from Profile 1 to 3 performance over the last 1 year plus shown in Figure 4. 

Figure 4: Silver Lotto System’s 40 Playing Lines Performance over from Jan 2010 to March 2011 for New Jersey Pick Lotto 6/49

Figure 4: Silver Lotto System’s 40 Playing Lines Performance over from Jan 2010 to March 2011 for New Jersey Pick Lotto 6/49


As you can see in Figure 4, there are a possible 13,983,816 possible combinations in a 6/49 Jackpot game that can become a winning number. In this system,  we are only playing 40 lines of numbers to overcome that possibility. The back test result for New Jersey Pick Lotto 6/49 using the Silver Lotto System indicated that system won a total of 94 prizes from Jan 2010 until March 2011. Out of these 94 prizes, 8 of it are 4 number matches and 86 of it are three number matches. Again, it has consistent winner ranging from 5 to 9 times in a month. If we check the jackpot winning number’s previous winning history, it has a similar scenario like the 6/52 game as well. For example in Figure 5, the winning jackpot number on the 24th of March 2011 in the New Jersey Pick Lotto 6/49 had only won 3 four number matches and 48 three number matches previously ever since the jackpot game was started in 1989 before it finally became a Jackpot Winning Number on 24th of March 2011. 

Figure 5: Past History of the Jackpot Winning number on 24th March 2011

Figure 5: Past History of the Jackpot Winning number on 24th March 2011

 As such, this short review of the Silver Lotto system reveals one important fact that the playing numbers generated by the system are all optimized for winning a jackpot. It is just a matter of time and luck for the numbers to nail the jackpot. Now, you may say that you have seen many people claimed they have won the jackpot using the system. Well, that may be entirely possible as the number selections in the profiles are entirely made by you , the player ,  as instructed by the system. Now, this system had been in use by thousands of people over the years. Many people could have made different number choices under the guidance of the silver lotto system manual. As a result, they could have won the jackpot for real as different number selections will mean different types of number combinations are generated by the system. Each individual who purchased the system could have made different number selections resulting in different results from one another. On the other hand, many could have created the profiles using the Silver Lotto system just as I created hoping to win so soon and system have not shown to have won a Jackpot yet. They could have been disappointed and have started to bad mouth the system.

However, our experiment here have proven that the numbers have been optimized for winning the jackpot ultimately and you have to play the numbers patiently and hope for the stroke of luck to nail the jackpot.  That is why once you have lottery systems in place, you must also attract luck . Read more on how to attract luck by reading my post : Win the Lottery.

Please note that even though the recommended numbers to play by using the profile is 40 lines, you can still reduce it according to your budget and can opt to play a certain number of lines like 5, 10 or 15 numbers from the profiles to start your jackpot winning journey to ensure that you play the right numbers even though you have a very tight playing budget. Alright, I hope that this review could have helped you to make a clear decision about the Silver Lotto System. If you like what you have seen and proven here, you may order the system now at Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System website . Good Luck.