Introducing Power2D Tool – TOP 2D for the BIG PRIZE

Here is the latest break through in the 4D number prediction that will work anywhere in the world that the PICK 4 is played. Using complex set of number algorithm and combinations, the
tool are capable of predicting the most probable 2D based on the numbers drawn previously for the upcoming draw. The accuracy is upto to 80 to 90% . The tool will suggest a 1 to 3 set of
2D that will come up for the next draw. At times, it can go up more than 5 pairs of 2D. When this happens, the numbers can be combined to make it a 3D combination.
At this moment, this system is only partially complete after 1 year of work perfecting the system. Well, now it can predict 2D correctly most of the time. Now, the hard part is to work and
find the other 2D that will make up the winning number. For that portion, i have not automated it as it requires extensive programming. It can’t  be done using Excel alone. Now, for
Malaysia and Singapore, using my manual calculations, i can expand the 2D into a complete 4D number. But it takes few hours to come up with the combinations to play. Same goes to
USA also. I hope that one day, i can convert this system into a full fledge 4D prediction system that can be used for any 4D games around the world.
Here is some screen shot of correct predictions made by the system in August 2010 for Magnum, Damacai, Sports Toto and Pennsylvania Pick 4.



Damacai 4D