Free Magnum and Damacai 4D ticket Barcode Scanner Software System(pdf417)

If you ever wonder what is behind the barcodes that is printed on your Magnum or Damacai 4D tickets, then this is the software to find out what is really behind the codes. I personally have checked both the Magnum and the latest Damacai tickets and found nothing is there really. Beware of scammers out there who is selling this software for thousands of ringgits. Do not also buy any physical scanners for this purpose as nothing much can be done by reading the barcodes.

In Damacai tickets, the barcodes are there simply for validation purposes so that no one can alter the tickets and claim for a win. See sample below. It simple reflects what is printed on the ticket.


Damacai Barcode Reader

However, there is something going on with the Magnum tickets. See below. The clusters of 3D at times, will show the 3D of the winning numbers, be it at Top Prize or lower prizes. Sometimes, the 3 digits appearing there will be direct too, it may be the first 3 digit or the last 3 digit. So far, it sounds promising. But the problem here is, no doubt the winning numbers are there but which one to pick ? If you scan different tickets, different numbers will be there. In that sense, we may never know which one is going to come out. It can’t also indicate anything about the numbers that you bought, whether its going to win or what.

For the magnum ticket, i have researched it and wasted money on it for months without any success. I have written special excel file to capture the 3D and fully analysed it.No success.Magnum really knows how to manipulate the numbers no matter what we do.  Magnum pays when it wants to pay.Period. You can download this software for FREE at ClearImage SDK .
Download and experiment it with your own risk. And please do not bother to ask me how to use it and all sort of support questions. I have given the information for free where others charge thousands for this. Please use your brain and make use of this, if you can ever find any loop holes. Good Luck !!! 

Magnum Barcode Reader