Combinatorial Formula Updates for 7 Nov 2012


Overall, 4 numbers trapped in the Unfiltered list and only 2 made it to the Final List. 1579 which came in MBOX second prize in Magnum was trapped in the main list but did not make it to the Final Prediction List. Out of the Final prediction given, 2369 came in MBOX TOTO starter and 1459 came in DAMACAI consolation MBOX. 1263 a direct number given in TOTO turned out to come as 9263 in STARTER. Though not a good catch as 4th November with multiple top prize and direct first prize, its still a good attempt. We will try again this weekend. Good Luck !.

If you are wondering how all this is calculated and arrived, watch the short video at .

Combinatorial 4D Formula Result for Nov 7-2012