How to win USA Pick 4 and Malaysia Magnum,Toto and Damacai

If you have been playing the 4 Digit lottery game(number selections from 0000-9999) without much success and looking for that little bit of knowledge that can lead you to success, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Pick4Victory.COM. The 4 Digit lottery game is known as Pick 4 in USA while in this part of region in Asia particularly in Malaysia and Singapore it is known as 4D game. Please read on. I will share with you my experience with this game and some usefull strategy that may help you to win every week.

I have played the Pick 4 lottery for the past 15 years of my life with limited success. The first 10 years of my playing strategy is just to play my personal numbers such as car plate number, my social security numbers, my national identification numbers, my house numbers and any other numbers that you can think of. If you are playing the lottery the similar way right now, then be prepared to lost money because on average, if you do not box your numbers, then the chances are you will win once in every 2 or 3 years only.

Then I took a course in Information Technology and got a degree in that field. Since i knew programming, then i wrote my first software which generates random 4 digit numbers with a click of a button. I thought it was great. The idea then was since the lottery is random, my randomly generated numbers from the software should help me to pick some winner. What a foolish thinking it was ! I lost hundreds of dollars every draw playing that way. Then the internet boomed with solutions for everything in life that this world had to offer. 5 years ago, I started to search over the Internet for systems or software that can analyse or predict pick 4 or 4D and also the lottery/jackpot games for that matter.

Yes, it was thrilling to get your hands on those fancy softwares and gadgets but still there is limited success with only more money spent buying such systems or softwares. Then I spent money on countless e-books that promises you for the right strategy and so call claims that you can win in every draw that you participate. If you have stumbled upon Pick4Victory.COM, then chances are you are also still looking for the right system and strategy to help you win in every draw or more frequently so should i say ?

All those years spent in researching and studying this topic which i am so passionate of only help me to gain more knowledge and enough experience to finally start my own blog on Pick4/4D strategy. From my experience in playing the PICK 4, I conclude that below are they key points that you as a player must realize and take note of :

  • You need to have strategy and a budget to stick with. Only play with money that you are prepared to lost every month.
  • Do not expect to win every draw because it is not possible.
  • Systems and softwares can provide you with a strategy and key decisions about the number you should play to increase your chances of winning not necessarily winning it.
  • There is no system , software or strategy in the world that will give you less than 3 numbers to play and you expect to win from it. If you have found any, then please let me know immediately .
  • If you are playing your numbers only in direct way without boxing it, then be prepared to wait for years before you win anything unless you are such a lucky person of course.
  • In order to stand a chance to win in every draw or every week, then your playing style must also be dynamic and you must ensure that you play numbers according to some pattern or trends not playing the same numbers year after year. You need to be prepared to play at least 15 numbers in a box per draw way to have a realistic shot of winning more frequently.

So all that said, is there a way that can make you a winner in pick 4 or 4D lottery games ? The answer is yes. Years of experience and observation of the game gave me the idea to have my own number selection formula. I call it the BnX Formula.

BnX Pick 4 Winning Formula

BnX Pick 4 Winning Formula


So what exactly is BnX Formula ? BnX is simply a term that i name because of how the strategy works. Every week, I will analyse the past patterns of the game anywhere from 3-6 months of previous history and come up with a suitable Base number to be played for that particular month week by week.

For example, the Base number that I identify this week is 0127.  This number is the Base Number. To get the numbers to played for this week, then the Base Number must be broken into the individual 3D combinations that made up 0127.


So, the numbers are :

  • 012
  • 017
  • 127
  • 027

This 4 set of 3D numbers must be combined with one more digit or X factor that i call it in order for you to get the numbers that you should play for the week.

So, right now you will have 012X, 017X, 127X and 027X. There are few ways to get the number X. If you playing USA Pick 4 then move on to read the USA Pick 4 Strategy page. If you want to play Malaysia Magnum, TOTO or Damacai, then please read on Malaysia 4D System and Strategy. In this pages, i will explain more on how I use the formula for the games i listed above.

This BnX formula does not guarantee you a winner every draw. But it will help you to win with a more effective system that is possible to get a winning number every week. So far i have tried this Pick 4 / 4D strategy for Malaysia , it is very powerfull and effective that it does have a winner in top prize every week together with some multiple winners at the lower tier prizes every week in the range of 10 to 15 winning numbers every week.

The situation is a bit different  for USA. I wanted to test if my formula is very Malaysia centric or is it applicable too in USA. As such I picked 5 states in USA to test my BnX Formula. In this site, you can find free predictions where I will suggest the base numbers you should play for the whole week for Pennsylvania Pick 4, New Jersey Pick 4, OHIO Pick 4, New York Pick 4 and Florida Pick 4. My back test proven my theory that it is possible to get the correct base numbers that will produce a winner every week. So for USA pick 4 players, here is your chance to test the prediction and feedback to me whether it works or not. Let us share some information together and achieve our common aim of winning the state lotteries. You can find my free pick4 tips under the Category section for each of the respective state lotteries.

I also provide Singapore 4D  prediction for free now because of huge demand from visitors to include Singapore 4D. For Singapore 4D, I did not use the BnX formula. It is derived from another method that I am currently testing. The same method that I use for Singapore 4D is used to derive the free AABC numbers for Malaysia 4D .

The numbers derived from the BnX formula is geared and aimed towards winning a top prize while the free AABC tips for Malaysia and Singapore are aimed towards all category of prizes. The BnX formula full set of 4D numbers for each month are available for subscription for Malaysia 4D games. For more information, please visit the Malaysia 4D Strategy page.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my thoughts on winning the pick 4 or 4D with strategy and please visit my site often as i will keep on posting new ideas or thoughts related to winning the pick 4 and lottery .

 Thanks and Regards

Alan, Founder of Pick4Victory.COM.

Play Malaysia 4D Online(1st Prize Only)

Play Malaysia 4D Online(1st Prize Only)